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By Erik Hofstetter
CEO Creative Visions

Advertising is such a great business to be involved in because it naturally attracts creative people and artists. Why? This has to do with the theory that successful art evokes involvement from those that see or hear it. Have you ever seen a painting or sculpture that you felt compelled to stare at or study? Does a certain type of music or song give you an emotional response? Well if it did – that's art – because it communicated to you and you became involved in it somehow. If you saw something someone called "art" and passed over it without giving it a second thought or glance, then that isn’t art – because it didn’t communicate or involve you.

Now, have you ever seen a print ad that you needed to study more or watched a television commercial you wanted to see again? Well it communicated and involved you somehow and therefore this too is art - the art of advertising.

Today, no art is more commonly viewed than that found in advertising and there is no greater or faster barometer to judge how good an artist is, as those found creating art for advertising. That is why so many artists and creative types are attracted to the advertising industry. If an artist's sculpture doesn’t sell, then he has let himself down by not creating art that the public wants and will have to perform better next time so he can put food on the table. However, if the art an advertising agency puts together fails to sell, then the hopes and dreams of an entire corporation and its staff may never be realized, and the time and money invested in a campaign may have been wasted.

In every sense, successful art is successful communication and successful advertising is composed of successful art. The quality of the artists chosen will, in large measure, determine the outcome of your marketing goals. Something to think about the next time you are considering the next ad campaign and who should be composing it.

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