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CREATIVE VISION™ is a cutting edge POP tool that enhances the customer experience with a product or service through a video application. In-motion marketing at point of sale, Creative Vision offers a digital enhancement to the sales process that is interactive and unobtrusive. In today's interruptive marketing environment, this powerful visual medium / messaging center offers the ability to capture the customers' attention, plant seeds of information and deliver a brand message anywhere, anytime in a cost-effective manner.

Subaru Partners With Creative Visions for Launch of 2010 Outback and Legacy Accessories.


  • Results-driven - Creative Vision has been shown to provide a 16% brand lift as tested in the retail environment.
  • Versatile - Runs on batteries; Allows for flexibility in placement (showroom, office or retail setting, in-aisle, etc.)
  • Interactive – Dynamic content empowers the consumer to select and absorb information without the presence of a salesperson
  • Economical – Low cost of entry per unit
  • Flexible – Offers the ability to customize or change content quickly and cost-effectively


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