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We’re not interested in blowing a marketing budget on segmenting a demographic group a dozen different ways or hosting large-scale focus groups that don’t add value to your bottom line. We are interested in chatting over a cup of coffee, logging hours in a conference room with a white board or spearheading a calculated market research campaign to help develop a concise campaign. We believe in getting to know you, and more importantly, your target audience. We’ve done grass roots investigations, talked with the man on the street and used our own Local Motivation Research program all in an effort to understand who buys your product or service and what makes them tick. Research - It’s the first piece in our process and it’s what makes all the other pieces click.

We think it’s imperative to know and study your audiences where they live – in town, out of town, across the street or across the country. We’re on a “need to know” basis and the more we know, the better results we’ll deliver.


A new day is dawning and marketing executives are being more guarded than ever with their budgets. This means an intensified focus on knowing who your customers are and how, when and where to reach them. An investment in knowing everything you can about your target audience can actually be a cost efficient measure for today’s challenging economic climate. Why? Knowledge is power. Its fruitless to squander marketing dollars with a haphazard approach or chase customers because you don’t know where or how to find them.

According to Zain Raj with Euro RSCG Discovery, North America, in a recent article, “Think long-term-despite every pressure to narrow your focus, and think differently. Use all the tools available to better understand who a brand's buyers are and how those consumers define a product's relevance to their lives. That's not an end; it's the new starting point.”

According to Raj, “customer data is more plentiful, more accessible and more affordable than ever before.” Research and discovery, even in the simplest of forms, is key to building long-term brand equity and having confidence in your marketing plan.

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