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We’re not into the ‘one size fits all’ approach. We’re all about the right medium for the select audience at the best price. We believe in tailored solutions and we work hard to create those for each and every client. We like to think of our role in the media selection process as ‘conductor’. We’re here to figure out what train to put your message on when it leaves the station. And we make sure it stays ‘on track’ the whole ride.


CV tracks responses (sales, clicks, participation, etc.) to measure what’s working and what isn’t with the ability to make adjustments as needed in the campaign.

Cost Per Impression

We’re sensitive to our clients’ cost per impression and cost per conversion – with the ultimate focus on your ROI.

Proper Channels

We’re committed to the proper media placement for each client, each campaign and each target audience - matching customer habits and patterns with the appropriate channel selection.


We begin every campaign based on your objectives and build a strategy to meet and exceed those. We don't build programs around the latest fad or to keep up with what your competitors are doing. For example, the "internet" is not a marketing media strategy. It's just another medium that can be utilized to benefit our clients. We recently turned down a large project from a client who wanted to produce an on-line marketing solution. After a 30-minute conversation with us, they understood that their resources would be better spent using print as a form of advertising to reach their particular objectives. Every case is different and for every client, we carefully work to select the correct medium, based on their goals, to attain the greatest ROI possible.

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