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We’re not in the business to win awards or see our name in lights (we save those accolades for our clients!) We’re in it to bring products, places, people and services to light in inspiring ways. We come up with great ideas not just because its fun (ok it is!), but because we love it when we see the light bulb go off above someone’s head, make them laugh or reach for the last product on an end-aisle display. For us, it’s all about making that connection with people and taking research and ROI into account every step of the way. In our world, ideation is the free flowing of ideas or the cocktail napkin portion of the process, as we like to call it -- the place where the bright ideas are lit.


This is the part of the process where we hone in on what really works. It’s where we begin taking the big idea into reality and then checking and double checking it against what we know about your brand, your audience and your budget. This is the place where we infuse graphics, colors, messaging and product positioning – before anything rolls out to market.

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